Library History

Dame Margaret Verney

The building not yet very far advanced, and bunting and flags floated from the surrounding scaffolding. There was a large company, most of whom were accommodated on the ground floor of the new building, whilst the numerous company of children were on a platform formed by the seat foldings. Amongst those present were—Sir Edmund and Lady Vernev, Minor and Mrs. Salmon, Miss Verney, Miss Ruth Verney, Mr. Hnrry Verney, the Rev. C. Bass (vicar) and Mrs. Bass, Rev. A. Gordon and Mrs. Gordon, Miss Gordon, Rev. E. R. Massey (Marsh Gibbon), Rev. H. J. Dale and Mrs. Dale (Radclive), Dr. and Mrs. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Whiting; Mr. and Mrs. Ingram, Mr. J. Roads, Mr. and Colhngridge, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, Mr. d FajTnborough, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Fincher, sfc A * Sk «nner (Grendon Hall), Mr. and Mrs. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Stribling, Mr. and Mrs. Hawes, Mr. and Mrs. Ridston, Mr. Inwood, Mr. Tompkins, Mr. H. and Miss Benson, Miss Wetham, R Unwin, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Robertson, Mr. W. Morey, Miss Dodds, the Misses Cowper, Mrs. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. G. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Roads, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lepper, the Misses Grimsley, Miss Cantwell, Miss Mary Orchard, Miss L. Hawes, Mrs. Lepper, Mrs. F. Butcher, Mr. and Mrs. S. Whiting, and others. The proceedings commenced with the singing of the hymn, “All people that on earth do dwell.” Miss Beck then read the following address, which she presented to Lady Verney:—” We the undersigned ask your acceptance of the accompanying silver trowel. We assure you of the deep appreciation of the parishioners generally on the great benefit about to be conferred on the parish in the erection of this Public Library by the generosity of Sir Edmund Vemey. We thank you very cordially for the unceasing interest shown by you at all times in the educational welfare of the young of this parish, and we trust that this noble building, of which you are now about to lay the foundation stone, may prove of inestimable advantage, not only to the present but to the future generations. Steeple Claydon April, 1902.”—Then follow the names of over fifty subscribers. The silver trowel bore the following inscription: “Presented to Margaret. Lady Verney, by the parishioners of Steeple Claydon on the occasion of her laying the foundat ion stone of the new Public Library. April 10. 1902.” One of the day scholars, Miss Alice Hawes, then presented Lady Verney with a bouquet and read an address from the school children which her ladyship was asked to accept a spirit level. This was presented to Lady Veniey by Master Butcher, and graciously accepted. Lady Verney then made a few remarks. She said that her father-in-law, the late Sir Harry Verney. once told her that on the very spot on which they were standing they used in days gone by, when there was much distress, and their only amusements were brutal in character, to have bull-baiting, cock-fighting, dog fighting, and all kinds of rough sports. Now, however, they were going to erect building which she hoped would be the village drawing-room, the village ball room, and the meeting place for all sorts of pleasant gatherings. Outside the hall there would be a colonnade upon which would be seats where she hoped the younger people would spend many happy hours. She thanked all the people the village for the extreme kindness they had shown to her, and for the unexpected shehad received thatday. The present state oJthe building with the scaffold poles around, reminded her of the rooks” sests which, were now in built, and which at this w™ lH C – Sbe d these rooms SSJiSSH^* 5^*8 “* nests, where ™- * * H the OM *- “»M » great; prom performances, like the ™„; s – She again thanked them for their Kindness. (Applause. The stone was then well and truly laid Lady Verney, who used the silver trowel with which she had been presented. The stone bears the following inscription: ” Laid by Dame Margaret Verney, April 10. 1902.”further remarks, he expressed a hope that the future the building would be of great advantage the village, to be continued……….

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