Public Access Computers: Conditions of Use

In order to use the internet or any software on the library computers you must agree to abide by the Conditions of Use set by the Steeple Claydon Parish Council., hereinafter referred to as the Parish Council, accepts no responsibility for the quality,accuracy or availability of information, accessed through the internet. It is your personal responsibility to ensure the accuracy of information that you discover and you must understand that some information online may be inaccurate,out of date,controversial,offensive and/or illegal.

In particular,you agree to the following:

I will not create,access,copy,store,transmit or publish any material which:     

  • Is obscene,pornographic.abusive,racist,or illegal, including material that may be deemed extremist,threatening or defamatory;
  • Causes harassment or gross offence to others:
  • Would be in breach of copyright,trademark or patent laws;
  • Would distribute unsolicited advertising.

I will not:

  • Interfere with the equipment;
  • Attempt to amend or delete existing software:
  • Knowingly introduce a computer virus;
  • Connect my mobile device to the computers:
  • Use the network cable to connect my own laptop:
  • Try to access sites which have been blocked:
  • Try to download additional software and computer programmes.

I may:

  • Use USB memory sticks to upload and store my files and documents and agree to comply with all copyright and intellectual property legislation;
  • Send documents to the printer-but will only be able to retrieve them once I have paid the printing fees due.

I agree to leave the computer at the end of the allotted time or when requested to do so by staff. If no-one else is waiting, staff may, at their discretion, allow me to stay on a computer for longer than the allotted time,on the understanding that I will end my session once it is required by another user.