The Volunteer Charter

As a Library Volunteer,you can expect to…

  • understand what is expected of you and be given a clear description of what your duties are and how they should be carried out.
  • have a named contact at the Library,
  • be valued as a member of the library team.
  • be treated with respect,and to have your privacy and confidentiality respected,and not to be discriminated against on grounds of race,age,gender,religion,sexual orientation or disability.
  • say”no” if asked to perform a task that is not part pf your role, or that you do not feel comfortable performing.

In return, Library Volunteers have responsibility to…

  • be reliable and arrive on time,
  • attend reasonable training as appropriate to your role
  • respect the confidentiality of customers,other volunteers and staff.
  • report any issues that give you cause for concern.
  • respect the political status of the Parish Council,and understand the need to be politically neutral when working in a voluntary capacity.
  • follow reasonable requests from the Librarain or their representatives.
  • undertake a DBS check if required.
  • give the Librarian as much notice as possible if you intend to stop volunteering.

There are many reasons for volunteering – to support a cause you believe in, to gain new skills and experiences, to meet new friends, to help people and give something to the community.

If you can spare a few hours a week/month your time, support, and commitment would be very much appreciated by the Parish Council and myself. l will do my best to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding for you.

Contact me by e-mail at

or just come in and see me when you are passing the Library. ………………… Pat Serle Librarian.