Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to our Library!

We are a small independent community library in the village of Steeple Claydon, founded in 1901. The Library is owned by the Parish Council who received the title deeds in 1955 from Major R Verney.

The Library is supported by the villagers who have continued to donate books and magerzines (which are free to take). There are around 4,000 books, and audio tapes to browse through .

Free internet access,and the use of two public computers are available during Library opening time.

In March 2019 the “Friends of Steeple Claydon Library” committee was created and a constitution was agreed. The Friends believe the library is a very important community hub for the villagers of Steeple Claydon. Not just a lender of books and audio tapes, but by putting on events of interest, and being a source of history to enable the future of the village to be carried on by the children of the village who will become the custodians of its past.

The library will always accept donated books, those which are surplus to requirements are for sale on behalf of the” Friends of Steeple Claydon Library”. By purchasing these books you are kindly supporting the library, helping us to ensure this wonderful facility continues in our community for future generations.

If you would like further information on being a member of the “Friends”, please come into the Library and talk to me

Pat Serle Librarian